Dr. Sheila Njemanze

Dr. Sheila Njemanze

Director International Centre for English Studies

Dr. Sheila Njemanze became Director of the International Centre for English studies in 2019. Prior to that, she was Head of the Department of English Linguistics and Literature. She teaches classes in both domains and thoroughly enjoys it.

Dr. Njemanze has an MA in ESL and a Ph.D. in English. Her research interest covers language teaching and sociolinguistics. And these inform the core of her scholarly publications. She draws on her reading and classroom experience for the numerous presentations on language workshop/ seminal, local, and international conferences.

She is a member of the Igbo Student Association (ISA), and the Co-ordinator of the English Language Teachers Association of Nigeria (ELTAN) Imo State Chapter.

Her hobbies include gardening and creative writing.