This is to inform the general public that the Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education Fourth DE Admission List is out. Successful candidates should take the following steps for their registration process

  1. Log onto and click on Student Portal to generate their Acceptance Fee Invoice.
  2. Proceed with your invoice to Alvana Microfinance Bank to make your payment.
  3. Pay the Acceptance Fee with your IPR invoice.
  4. Return to the College ICT Centre with your payment receipt to print the Admission Screening Documents.
  5. Proceed to the College Admissions Unit with originals of the following:
    • O’Levels
    • Birth Certificate
    • LGA Identification
    • JAMB Result Slip
    • Acknowledgement Slip
    • Passport Photograph
    • Evidence of Payment of Acceptance Fee.
    • All printed screening documents.
  6. Open your files with the screening officers.


Thanks for your cooperation

1	79217338CD	Afube Chidimma   	EDU AGRIC SCIENCE
2	79207599ED	Ahiauzu Kingsley	EDU AGRIC SCIENCE
3	79233609AB	Akpan Edikan    	EDU AGRIC SCIENCE
4	79231298EH	Anedo Uzoamaka  	EDU AGRIC SCIENCE
5	79171596JB	Anyamkpa Nnaemeka	EDU AGRIC SCIENCE
6	79252773DA	Callistus Princessmerit	EDU AGRIC SCIENCE
7	79219417JB	Dominic Victor   	EDU AGRIC SCIENCE
8	79244822CB	Egemba Hiness   	EDU AGRIC SCIENCE
9	79233231GI	Ikwueme Nneka    	EDU AGRIC SCIENCE
10	79244845EJ	Iwuoha Rejoice   	EDU AGRIC SCIENCE
11	79253992FJ	Japhet Chinaka    	EDU AGRIC SCIENCE
12	79221632EC	Kalu Uka        	EDU AGRIC SCIENCE
13	79188226FJ	Ndukwu Peace    	EDU AGRIC SCIENCE
14	79201635IH	Njoku Obinna    	EDU AGRIC SCIENCE
15	79183374GF	Nwankwo Deborah 	EDU AGRIC SCIENCE
16	79217299ED	Nwosu Joy       	EDU AGRIC SCIENCE
17	79240273II	Ogu Miriam      	EDU AGRIC SCIENCE
18	79200438IJ	Okereke Bright  	EDU AGRIC SCIENCE
19	79167303GJ	Okoro Clement   	EDU AGRIC SCIENCE
20	79245178CA	Onyenwere Destny	EDU AGRIC SCIENCE
21	79245290HC	Sandy Ekaette    	EDU AGRIC SCIENCE
22	79193203GG	Udo Aniekan     	EDU AGRIC SCIENCE
23	79139633EH	Udoji Patience   	EDU AGRIC SCIENCE
24	79230469BC	Umoeyen Ememobong	EDU AGRIC SCIENCE
25	79167757GF	Agba Edith	        EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
26	79249630FA	Agumanu Ngozi   	EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
27	79170959GC	Ahamefula Ezinne	EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
28	79250996CG	Alakwe Ifunanya  	EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
29	79224607EB	Amaechi Confidence	EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
30	79209031BF	Dike Abigail     	EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
31	79234046EI	Ebeh Roseline    	EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
32	79130690AH	Ebong Etimbono   	EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
33	79181721HH	Ede Peace        	EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
34	79221017EE	Ekezie Kelechi   	EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
35	79202013CA	Emewusim Paschaline	EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
36	79249921FA	Ewuzie Chinelo   	EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
37	79227062EI	Ezebuike Mary    	EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
38	79175938GD	Ezike Miriam    	EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
39	79189603AC	Ezuike Chinonye  	EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
40	79195958EG	Idenyi Eberechukwu	EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
41	79250640CH	Ihetu Goziechi   	EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
42	79250039IE	Mbata Bibian    	EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
43	79230124HH	Ndulaka Emmanuel	EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
44	79233578JE	Nwagbua Precious	EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
45	79244157HG	Nwannadi Ukamaka	EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
46	79209401GJ	Nwode Ugochukwu 	EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
47	79243071DG	Nwokorie Magdalene	EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
48	79248611AD	Nworgu Ugonma   	EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
49	79240354DJ	Obika Chidimma  	EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
50	79207552IH	Ogaraku Assumpta	EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
51	79236236HE	Ogaraku Ifunanya	EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
52	79233450JA	Ogbonna Amarachi	EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
53	79220035IA	Ogbu Florence   	EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
54	79227141AF	Ohanogu Janet   	EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
55	79257321GD	Okezie Patience  	EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
56	79224834DJ	Onwunali Goodluck	EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
57	79231158HJ	Onyeije Linda    	EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
58	79229405AD	Opara Assumpta   	EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
59	79243528CD	Osahon Lorine   	EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
60	79207581JH	Uche Comfort    	EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
61	79224943AD	Udokwu Chiamaka 	EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
62	79217159HF	Ugwu Promise    	EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
63	79208817HF	Ukagba Amarachi 	EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
64	79231814FB	Ukonu Mercy     	EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
65	79247535DA	Umeagudosi Chinonso	EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
66	79196016GG	Umeh Anastesia  	EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
67	79210683AG	Williams Juliana	EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
68	79204248AI	Agbasiere Peace  	BUSINESS EDUCATION
69	79204227HB	Agubosim Chinonye	BUSINESS EDUCATION
70	79231320HI	Ahamefula Oluchi	BUSINESS EDUCATION
71	79258880EC	Akajiaku Eugenia	BUSINESS EDUCATION
72	79140291BD	Akujobi Okwuchi  	BUSINESS EDUCATION
73	79220738AI	Alfred Roseline 	BUSINESS EDUCATION
74	79151704BF	Anozie Goodness 	BUSINESS EDUCATION
75	79226331BA	Anunobi Esther  	BUSINESS EDUCATION
76	79199781CD	Anyamaghiobi Desire	BUSINESS EDUCATION
77	79171116HG	Anyanwu Samuel  	BUSINESS EDUCATION
78	79166492HH	Anyiam Christiana	BUSINESS EDUCATION
79	79170511EI	Asobia Chiamaka 	BUSINESS EDUCATION
80	79202792BB	Atima Abigail   	BUSINESS EDUCATION
81	79235686HF	Chibuike Tochi  	BUSINESS EDUCATION
82	79199891IB	Chieke Cynthia   	BUSINESS EDUCATION
83	79172558BI	Chukwudi Catherine	BUSINESS EDUCATION
84	79227766HA	Chukwuma Uzoamaka	BUSINESS EDUCATION
85	79172439IE	Duru Veronica   	BUSINESS EDUCATION
86	79250011HB	Ebere Rosemary   	BUSINESS EDUCATION
87	79231097GI	Egbe Emmanuel   	BUSINESS EDUCATION
88	79259236EB	Ejiama Chioma   	BUSINESS EDUCATION
89	79231070FC	Eke Ihunanya    	BUSINESS EDUCATION
90	79162399DH	Elemchi Ogechi   	BUSINESS EDUCATION
91	79134142DA	Emeagha Blessing	BUSINESS EDUCATION
92	79221280DB	Emmanuel Hadassah	BUSINESS EDUCATION
93	79146891AB	Ewa Nwamaka     	BUSINESS EDUCATION
94	79221318BE	Eze Augustine   	BUSINESS EDUCATION
95	79257681FA	Ezeh Naureen    	BUSINESS EDUCATION
96	79204254IH	Ezerioha Ekwutosi	BUSINESS EDUCATION
97	79206942HE	Fedrick Festus   	BUSINESS EDUCATION
98	79224530HI	Ibeabuchi Joy   	BUSINESS EDUCATION
99	79230753DD	Ifi Oby	                BUSINESS EDUCATION
100	79151907IF	Iheakaram Chikodi	BUSINESS EDUCATION
101	79156213GI	Iheme Chioma     	BUSINESS EDUCATION
102	79219893CB	Iheme Janet      	BUSINESS EDUCATION
103	79233714HE	Ihenacho Oluchi  	BUSINESS EDUCATION
104	79238509EF	Ihezue Sandra    	BUSINESS EDUCATION
105	79219849FG	Ikechi Chinenye  	BUSINESS EDUCATION
106	79224604FA	Ikeluka Chinenye	BUSINESS EDUCATION
107	79203863JG	Ilogu Ekpereamaka	BUSINESS EDUCATION
108	79227393CF	Innocent Okoli   	BUSINESS EDUCATION
109	79212370IG	Iwuji Stephanie  	BUSINESS EDUCATION
110	79156313FJ	Jacob Joy	        BUSINESS EDUCATION
111	79223366HI	John Ben Miracle	BUSINESS EDUCATION
112	79215127GA	Michael Chioma   	BUSINESS EDUCATION
113	79217818DI	Michael Rejoice  	BUSINESS EDUCATION
114	79195455AD	Ndu Mercy       	BUSINESS EDUCATION
115	79192138GA	Nnari Vivian    	BUSINESS EDUCATION
116	79251904BI	Nwagboso Anne   	BUSINESS EDUCATION
117	79231375BA	Nwanarado Grace  	BUSINESS EDUCATION
118	79182599GC	Nwando Gift     	BUSINESS EDUCATION
119	79189852DB	Nwankwo Miracle  	BUSINESS EDUCATION
120	79247241DJ	Nwariwe Joy      	BUSINESS EDUCATION
121	79241922II	Obi Uchenna     	BUSINESS EDUCATION
122	79244964IA	Obiajunwa Ifeanyi	BUSINESS EDUCATION
123	79188671IC	Ogbuu Cathrine   	BUSINESS EDUCATION
124	79202062GH	Oguguo Maureen   	BUSINESS EDUCATION
125	79192767BG	Ogundu Favour    	BUSINESS EDUCATION
126	79222123CE	Ogunjiofor Agatha	BUSINESS EDUCATION
127	79130613EE	Okafor Chigozie  	BUSINESS EDUCATION
128	79238560IG	Okagbue Chinenye	BUSINESS EDUCATION
129	79170195CG	Okasi Ezinwanne         BUSINESS EDUCATION
130	79238388CA	Okere Ifeoma    	BUSINESS EDUCATION
131	79218862BA	Okike Beauty    	BUSINESS EDUCATION
132	79193796DD	Okoro Chidera   	BUSINESS EDUCATION
133	79193788FH	Okoro Chinyere  	BUSINESS EDUCATION
134	79259002GE	Onukaogu Ogechi  	BUSINESS EDUCATION
135	79172643FE	Onwukamike Panteleon	BUSINESS EDUCATION
136	79112642CF	Opara Chidera   	BUSINESS EDUCATION
137	79189456FF	Opara Violet    	BUSINESS EDUCATION
138	79122457GI	Orji Nnanna      	BUSINESS EDUCATION
139	79171320EG	Osy-agubama Chizitere	BUSINESS EDUCATION
140	79232757DF	Tommy Ekaette    	BUSINESS EDUCATION
141	79206743IJ	Udem Joy        	BUSINESS EDUCATION
142	79215650ED	Udeze Chinemerem	BUSINESS EDUCATION
143	79221284BJ	Udochukwu Chizoba	BUSINESS EDUCATION
144	79218180BJ	Abuwa Blessing   	BUSINESS EDUCATION
145	79229344IJ	Achugwo Godgives	BUSINESS EDUCATION
146	79231016CA	Anunihu Chinaza 	BUSINESS EDUCATION
147	79231449HJ	Azuka Chiamaka  	BUSINESS EDUCATION
148	79238350DH	Chukwu Ezinne   	BUSINESS EDUCATION
149	79258860AF	Diala Favour    	BUSINESS EDUCATION
150	79256695AB	Eluwa Anastecia 	BUSINESS EDUCATION
151	79187923JF	Emeremuo Gift	        BUSINESS EDUCATION
152	79203152JF	Ikeokwu Chidiebere	BUSINESS EDUCATION
153	79207429GI	Ikpegbu Chiamaka	BUSINESS EDUCATION
154	79252177HC	Ikpeoha Gladys   	BUSINESS EDUCATION
155	79231464DE	Iroka Akudo     	BUSINESS EDUCATION
156	79227109AE	Maduabughichi Chinonso	BUSINESS EDUCATION
157	79220451JD	Mark Inima      	BUSINESS EDUCATION
158	79233087BF	Ndukwu Azeakachukwu	BUSINESS EDUCATION
159	79191823DF	Nnebuo Clifford  	BUSINESS EDUCATION
160	79231124IE	Nwaiwu Chioma    	BUSINESS EDUCATION
161	79235937AB	Nwankwo Jennifer	BUSINESS EDUCATION
162	79231499CG	Nwokolo Nwakaego	BUSINESS EDUCATION
163	79238779BB	Obi Eucharia    	BUSINESS EDUCATION
164	79166642BF	Odionyenma Godswill	BUSINESS EDUCATION
165	79226455CG	Ohaneje Oluchi   	BUSINESS EDUCATION
166	79254508GD	Okeke Chinaza   	BUSINESS EDUCATION
167	79203509JB	Okpara Ihechiluru	BUSINESS EDUCATION
168	79109479AI	Omenka Ogeyi    	BUSINESS EDUCATION
169	79224952HD	Onukgha Perpetua	BUSINESS EDUCATION
170	79233756EF	Onyeulo Onyinyechi	BUSINESS EDUCATION
171	79224855HD	Orjinta Glory   	BUSINESS EDUCATION
172	79189827AJ	Ozor Paskalin    	BUSINESS EDUCATION
173	79210029CI	Samuel Goodluck  	BUSINESS EDUCATION
174	79202364DE	Udemba Bruno    	BUSINESS EDUCATION
175	79253541FE	Unawunwa Catherine	BUSINESS EDUCATION
176	79178152BH	Agha Ogbonna     	EDUCATION AND CHEMISTRY
177	79215670IA	amadi ble       	EDUCATION AND CHEMISTRY
178	79203661CD	Anumudu Ikechi   	EDUCATION AND CHEMISTRY
179	79209663FJ	Blackman Chibuenyim	EDUCATION AND CHEMISTRY
180	79188740GJ	Nwaiwu Chinwendu	EDUCATION AND CHEMISTRY
181	79169692IA	Nwazue Chika    	EDUCATION AND CHEMISTRY
182	79253514DI	Odinaka Ijeoma   	EDUCATION AND CHEMISTRY
183	79188974EG	Okorie Onyinyechi	EDUCATION AND CHEMISTRY
184	79201449GD	Simon Emmanuel  	EDUCATION AND CHEMISTRY
185	79192590GC	Ukpai Ngozi     	EDUCATION AND CHEMISTRY
186	79231474AE	Agbutufie Thomas	COMPUTER EDUCATION
187	79202475IJ	Ajuzieogu Kingsley	COMPUTER EDUCATION
188	79240385ED	Akuwuogu Rutherford	COMPUTER EDUCATION
189	79258193GG	Amadi Blessing   	COMPUTER EDUCATION
190	79112150EG	Amah Aondohemba  	COMPUTER EDUCATION
191	79219453IA	Amah Felix      	COMPUTER EDUCATION
192	79191596DH	Amuneke Ezinne   	COMPUTER EDUCATION
193	79235799CH	Anosike Susan    	COMPUTER EDUCATION
194	79233618HB	Dike Chinaza    	COMPUTER EDUCATION
195	79250639DA	Diode Samson     	COMPUTER EDUCATION
196	79224918HI	Eke Ogechi      	COMPUTER EDUCATION
197	79187595BC	Ekejiuba Ndidiamaka	COMPUTER EDUCATION
198	79225461AB	Ekweribe Chidinma	COMPUTER EDUCATION
199	79237750JB	Emeto Esther    	COMPUTER EDUCATION
200	79185941CH	Ezeigbo Maryjane	COMPUTER EDUCATION
201	79104438JG	Ibezimako Samuel	COMPUTER EDUCATION
202	79201244JG	Ibrahim Aliyu    	COMPUTER EDUCATION
203	79193444CC	Ihim Edith      	COMPUTER EDUCATION
204	79247342CH	Iwuchukwu Ezinwanne	COMPUTER EDUCATION
206	79201408IJ	Mejuru Nkechi    	COMPUTER EDUCATION
207	79234203GC	Ndu-ejekwu Maria	COMPUTER EDUCATION
208	79203073EB	Nwala Bright    	COMPUTER EDUCATION
209	79121250AD	Nwogwugwu Annayochi	COMPUTER EDUCATION
210	79156982IJ	Obasi Mary       	COMPUTER EDUCATION
211	79253153FE	Obi Chetachi    	COMPUTER EDUCATION
212	79260116CA	Ogbogu Ihudiya   	COMPUTER EDUCATION
214	79242466AI	Okeke Daniel    	COMPUTER EDUCATION
215	79224890GF	Okorie Chijioke  	COMPUTER EDUCATION
216	79218603BB	Orisakwe Chibuike	COMPUTER EDUCATION
217	79248055CC	Ozobulu Elizabeth	COMPUTER EDUCATION
218	79232994AD	Peter Peculiar   	COMPUTER EDUCATION
219	79223100AD	Pindar Gideon    	COMPUTER EDUCATION
220	79203467CD	Ugbor Onyinyechi	COMPUTER EDUCATION
221	79241836FF	Ukaegbu Jennifer	COMPUTER EDUCATION
222	79210023EG	ukanwoke david   	COMPUTER EDUCATION
223	79221187BJ	Adebowale Samson	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
224	79227219GC	Agnes Udezi      	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
225	79251811AG	Akpan Monday    	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
226	79226557BB	Akuchie Emmanuel	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
227	79190348JF	Aligwe Mercy    	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
228	79185809DF	Alozie Emmanuela	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
229	79186099DI	Alozie Ginikachi	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
230	79207579AG	Alozie Olivia   	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
231	79255689BC	Amaonyeze Mercy  	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
232	79177635BG	Anokam Doris    	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
233	79206795DA	Anthony Vivian   	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
234	79219463FA	Anyanwu Chinyere	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
235	79221301GF	Anyanwu Emmanuel	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
236	79219243DB	Ashiwe Nkechi    	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
237	79226618CC	Asia Judith	        EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
238	79177884EF	Asoegwu Chidimma	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
239	79206220AJ	Azuatalam Godson	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
240	79190910FI	Babayanju David  	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
241	79143568HG	Chukwu Pius      	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
242	79227526BE	Chukwueke Godwin	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
243	79146771HA	Chukwuoha Doris 	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
244	79202391FA	Dim Joy         	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
245	79227443GJ	Ebere Obinna     	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
246	79231500CD	Ebisike Hillary  	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
247	79196186EB	Echendu Chinekwu	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
248	79245573JG	Edwin Deborah   	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
249	79132622DB	Egbule Kelechi   	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
250	79171366AF	Ekechi Cynthia   	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
251	79183566HB	Ekechukwu Chidinma	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
252	79185079JB	Elisha Ugonwanyi	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
253	79200508HD	Emenike Goodness	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
254	79187811ED	Emeruwa Ijeoma   	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
255	79218821DG	Emmanuel Goodness	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
256	79167714JH	Eriama Onyinye  	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
257	79188878ED	Esimbe Maureen   	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
258	79144713DG	Ewurum Chinaza   	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
259	79241705GA	Eze-ibekwe Ngozi	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
260	79234030JG	Ezeji Chinomso   	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
261	79229024HJ	Hil-obisike Jennifer	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
262	79167971AF	Ibe Adaoma	        EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
263	79237134JG	Ibe Emmanuella   	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
264	79193781HI	Ibe Felicia     	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
265	79219436DE	Ibeneme Anaturuchi	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
266	79230913DI	Ibezute Chinwendu	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
267	79219079DI	Ifeanyi Chikamma	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
268	79207583JB	Igwe Chiamaka   	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
269	79166202HE	Iheanetu Chiamaka	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
270	79174302CE	Ikegwuruka Vivian	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
271	79229212JH	Ikpeahurudike Peace	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
272	79232798AJ	Ileke Mary      	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
273	79170705EI	Imocha Chinenye  	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
274	79150228HI	Iroh Ogechukwu   	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
275	79184106AD	Iruka Obumneke  	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
276	79189578HH	Issac Godsmind   	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
277	79207523HH	John Dora       	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
278	79218735AD	Johnson Amarachi	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
279	79176326GD	Kalu Dorcas     	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
280	79222600EI	Kalu Florence   	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
281	79184121FF	Kanu Joy        	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
282	79247555GH	Muoegbunam Mercy	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
283	79167510DA	Ndukaku Peace   	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
284	79188497CC	Ngirigwa Doreen  	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
285	79232703AD	Ngozi Mary      	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
286	79218662CI	Njoku Angelica   	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
287	79170538GE	Njoku Ogechi    	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
288	79207290JH	Njoku Rita      	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
289	79203420GH	Nkwachi Sunnybest	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
290	79183232AG	Nnanta Chioma    	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
291	79186266CC	Nnebue Ogechi    	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
292	79253446EI	Nnodi Precious  	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
293	79247016DF	Nnoko Emmanuel   	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
294	79204386HJ	Nwachukwu Deborah	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
295	79171914BA	Nwanevu Kelechi  	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
296	79175626CJ	Nwanguma Anthoinette	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
297	79244608IB	Nwankwo Chikwado	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
298	79234000IJ	Nwaubani Ikenna  	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
299	79230496CI	Nwobodo Goodness	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
300	79236875JH	Nwogu Glory     	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
301	79228430BI	Nwosu Chinanuolum	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
302	79195280ED	Nwosu Esther    	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
303	79220111EG	Nwosu Victory   	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
304	79259240CJ	Nzenwata Chukwuebuka	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
305	79219158JC	Obi Immaculeta   	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
306	79200461CA	Obi Promise     	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
307	79219495FB	Obijuru Maxwell 	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
308	79189633AJ	Obiyo Deborah    	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
309	79227349GA	Odionyenma Confidence	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
310	79186789AF	Ofornedo Amarachi	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
311	79188334CG	Ogbonna Nneoma  	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
312	79220655GD	Ogbu Chikodi     	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
313	79220844HI	Ogbuji Mathew   	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
314	79234119CD	Oguike Lucy     	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
315	79247749GH	Ogujiaku Belinda	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
316	79235975IB	Ogumba Assumpta  	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
317	79230789CC	Ogwogwo Laura    	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
318	79205319JD	Ojukwu Chinagorom	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
319	79244606IH	Okara Happiness  	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
320	79132367CA	Okechukwu Eberechi	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
321	79226820JF	Okehie Nora     	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
322	79173084IJ	Okereke Francess	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
323	79230251IE	Okezie Success   	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
324	79233968II	Okonkwo Precious	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
325	79234033IH	Okonkwo Samuel   	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
326	79182702EE	Okorie Ebenezer  	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
327	79218712HC	Okoro Chiagozie 	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
328	79206424HG	Okoye Rejoice   	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
329	79247145DG	Okpani Ugomma   	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
330	79247802AF	Okpara Harrieth  	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
331	79238494JA	Okwukwe Uzoma   	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
332	79234402EH	Omene Chidera   	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
333	79144877CJ	Onejeme Emmanuel	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
334	79252415DH	Ononiwu Ruth    	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
335	79203265EH	Onwukamuche Deborah	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
336	79256341JD	Onwuzuruike Somtochi	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
337	79254998EI	Onyekwere Onyedikachi	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
338	79176713GG	Onyemachi Ijeoma	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
339	79247903JA	Onyenekwe Georgiana	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
340	79253694IA	Orji Chisom     	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
341	79220788FC	Orjiako Stanley  	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
342	79203109DA	Osuigwe Doris    	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
343	79136271EF	Otu Chiamaka     	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
344	79219485IB	Otuokwa Precious	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
345	79236885GH	Philip-chinyere precious	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
346	79220589GH	Samuel Divinefavour	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
347	79221257AD	Uchendu Isaac   	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
348	79240238JG	Udensi Ikwuechegh	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
349	79137834BC	Ugbo Joseph     	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
350	79220707AE	Ugo Peace       	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
351	79218926BC	ugochukwu Udochukwu	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
352	79204284JE	Uhuegbulem Ijeoma	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
353	79169585BD	Ukonu Ursula    	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
354	79245141DE	William Chinenye	EDUCATION & ECONOMICS
355	79243720CJ	Abiaziem Ngozi   	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
356	79233927BH	Agada Nkombe	        EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
357	79235852GC	Agomuo Augustina	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
358	79258837HE	Alamezie Gift   	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
359	79242322FC	Amadi Augusta    	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
360	79238921HA	Anaefuna Chizoba	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
361	79171139AH	Anaemem Chinyere	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
362	79241418EI	Ananaba Goodness	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
363	79259497DE	Ani Celestina   	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
364	79206724EJ	Archibong Nsuaha	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
365	79204236EE	Aririatura Chinyere	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
366	79233411BD	Aroh Chisom	        EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
367	79251414DD	Calistus Miracle	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
368	79232995JH	Chilaka Cynthia 	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
369	79186581EH	Chukwuma Glory   	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
370	79252526JC	Chukwuma Ifunanya	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
371	79223292AJ	Chukwuma Maryann	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
372	79191962AG	Chukwunta Gold  	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
373	79230579HA	Dike Ifeanyi    	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
374	79250793FD	Duru Perpetua   	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
375	79233727DF	Ebere Jennifer  	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
376	79259710HE	Ehule Nne        	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
377	79220791ED	Ejiogu Chidinma 	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
378	79196288CG	Ekezie Chinaemerem	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
379	79237182EJ	Elijah Glory    	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
380	79200483FB	Emeadi Chidinma  	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
381	79232868JA	Emenyuo Loveline	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
382	79258210BF	Emmanuel Chidnma	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
383	79235284CA	Enoch Grace      	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
384	79259175DA	Eze Adannaya    	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
385	79250434GD	Ezeike-paul Okwukweka	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
386	79227525BH	Ibe Chinonso     	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
387	79246973GH	Ibeh Anurika     	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
388	79235865CD	Idoko Promise    	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
389	79204152AF	Igbokwe Chinagorom	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
390	79213575GA	Ikeriugo Onyinyechi	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
391	79233100HD	Ikwuonu Cynthia  	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
392	79245428EG	Ilechukwu Emmanuella	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
393	79216877EI	Innocent Chinyere	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
394	79221699DF	Macauley Peace   	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
395	79195554JE	Maduako Chigozie	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
396	79258445IG	Mba Chioma      	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
397	79257375JF	Mba Ifeoma       	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
398	79201709FJ	Mbonu Godfrey   	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
399	79219302EI	Metu Chinyere    	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
400	79245814FC	Ndebilite Jovita	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
401	79245796AJ	Ngwakwe Chioma   	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
402	79246868JB	Nnakwu Faith     	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
403	79252026EA	Nwachima Answer  	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
404	79252515CI	Nwadika Nmesomachi	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
405	79220150CG	Nwakwuoke Catherine	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
406	79221375DH	Nwodo Chukwunonso	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
407	79172612FA	Nwokeocha Ogechi	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
408	79244568AH	Nwokocha Queeneth	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
409	79246573AG	Nwokoro Norah   	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
410	79226482EC	Nworie Chukwuma 	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
411	79240029EE	Nwosu Chiamaka  	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
412	79207502ED	Obasi Patience   	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
413	79224796FG	Odoemene Jennifer	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
414	79227521CJ	Ogba Ogonnaya   	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
415	79244895JD	Ogbuehi Sophia   	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
416	79210702EG	Ogbuka Amarachi   	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
417	79249613AE	Ogidi Victor    	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
418	79249294II	ogomaka chimma   	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
419	79248877HI	Ohakwem Katherine	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
420	79179742JH	Ohashiegbulam Chidimma	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
421	79233548IH	Okafor Chisom    	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
422	79249820GC	Okeke Cynthia    	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
423	79220513AE	Okeke Ogochukwu   	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
424	79175502BD	Okere Miracle   	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
425	79227480FF	Okonkwo Ijeoma  	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
426	79128728HD	Okorike Chinenye	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
427	79256109BD	Okoro Genevieve 	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
428	79239253EE	Okoro Miriam    	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
429	79150870JC	Olinya Rita     	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
430	79203738ID	Oluo Nneka      	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
431	79229580GA	Ome Chidiebere   	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
432	79195538EF	Onwuchekwa Jennifer	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
433	79230969GE	Onwuka Chidumga 	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
434	79259104EJ	Opara Juliet    	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
435	79233821EE	Opara Maureen   	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
436	79232742IA	Osuala Chiamaka   	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
437	79230763AD	Osuji Chiamaka   	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
438	79168015GH	Osuji Emerald    	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
439	79218766AH	Osuji-sydney Audrey	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
440	79233145DF	Otuonye Chinyere	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
441	79223216ED	Uba Judith      	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
442	79152759FB	Uchenna Favour   	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
443	79166568ED	Udegbe Euphemia  	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
444	79258930IG	Udogu Kingsley   	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
445	79204220JC	Udoh Obidience  	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
446	79252588AD	Ukazim Ekeoma   	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
447	79250494HH	Ukoh Benedicta   	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
448	79218101GC	Uzowuru Ezinne   	EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE
449	79230299DH	Matthew Sharon  	EDUCATION FINE & APPLIED ARTS
450	79224578DB	Nnawunezi Paschal	EDUCATION FINE & APPLIED ARTS
451	79226394BF	Ogbete Ijeoma    	EDUCATION FINE & APPLIED ARTS
452	79241865GF	Alalama Anthonia	EDUCATION AND FRENCH
453	79235935AH	Chukwu Ngozi    	EDUCATION AND FRENCH
454	79220011FF	Godspower Cynthia	EDUCATION AND FRENCH
455	79253168AJ	Igwe Amarachi   	EDUCATION AND FRENCH
456	79208336GD	Isaac-martin Ibidiumo	EDUCATION AND FRENCH
457	79233653GD	Onuba Chiamaka   	EDUCATION AND FRENCH
458	79153029BH	Opara Ogochukwu  	EDUCATION AND FRENCH
459	79254509GA	Asiegbu Oluchi    	EDUCATION  GEOGRAPHY
460	79207445CA	Emerenu Augustina	EDUCATION  GEOGRAPHY
461	79231482HH	Izuogu Udoka    	EDUCATION  GEOGRAPHY
462	79218725DD	Moga Racheal    	EDUCATION  GEOGRAPHY
463	79223799EA	Nweke Joy        	EDUCATION  GEOGRAPHY
464	79195430HI	Olumba Chidimma 	EDUCATION  GEOGRAPHY
465	79245912EJ	Onuogba Olivia   	EDUCATION GEOGRAPHY
466	79255949AI	Abang Peace     	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
467	79104518FA	Abia Helen       	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
468	79232978FB	Adimorah Ogechukwu	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
469	79168863EF	Afoaku Uchenna   	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
470	79150208EB	Agu Rebeccah      	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
471	79179126AF	Agunkwu Chinedu  	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
472	79102213HI	Akabogu Victoria	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
473	79188801IA	Akanu Comfort    	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
474	79195604EB	Akpaka Vincent   	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
475	79245397EC	Alisigwe Esther  	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
476	79238999DA	Amahuo Michael   	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
477	79122310CE	Anwuruebo Favour	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
478	79236027CC	Anyanwu Emmanuel	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
479	79223333IA	Anyanwu margaret	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
480	79207440DF	Asogwa Nkemjika 	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
481	79171408HD	Chigbundu Uruaku	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
482	79224484CC	Chigozie Goodness	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
483	79235800CE	Chineme Matilda 	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
484	79234679IJ	Chukwumah Samuel	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
485	79239657JD	Eke Faith       	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
486	79224849JB	Ekpe Janet      	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
487	79220784GE	Ekwueze Ijeoma   	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
488	79202903GG	Emele Comfort    	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
489	79227367AG	Emmanson Mkpouto	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
490	79259015CF	Ephraim Evelyn   	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
491	79222172HB	Ewelike Chijioke	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
492	79221218CD	Friday Queen    	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
493	79250901CA	Iheanacho Sandra	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
494	79200203BI	Iheme Silverlyn         GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
495	79201674GH	Ijuo Monica     	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
496	79238790HF	Iorwua Benjamin    	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
497	79202987AI	Iroh Chinonye   	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
498	79247397FG	Iwueze Matthew  	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
499	79217718EH	John Micheal     	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
500	79203382IE	Kanu Catherine   	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
501	79247691EH	Mgbemena Marycynthia	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
502	79242652DC	Monorien Diamond	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
503	79227464AG	Muanjo Ihechi    	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
504	79204179CB	Ndubuisi Chidiebere	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
505	79220206FC	Nganwuchu Ogechi	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
506	79233922DC	Ngo Sylva Blessing	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
507	79254180HH	Njoku Gladys     	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
508	79193926DB	Njoku Viola      	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
509	79209896DJ	Nnanna Ukamaka   	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
510	79222084EE	Nnari Casmeir    	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
511	79138209FB	Nwakpa Martin   	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
512	79189023JD	Nwankwo Grace    	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
513	79247769AH	Nwaokwa Alphonsus	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
514	79188109CC	Nwosu Nkechi    	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
515	79165252BE	Obaji Chibueze   	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
516	79135729CC	Obeche Nkiru    	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
517	79226840DF	Obi Nzubechi    	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
518	79113897ED	Obiakor Nwanneka	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
519	79249701DB	Obidegwu Chinenyeaku	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
520	79239187EI	Obineche Confidence	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
521	79167654ID	Obiora Festa    	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
522	79163961AH	Oburoh Toritseju	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
523	79176347JH	Offor Chiamaka   	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
524	79231404CA	Ohanagorom Ifunanya	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
525	79146653DG	Ojebe Uchechi    	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
526	79104885BG	Okafor Christiana	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
527	79224922GG	Okelue Oluchi    	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
528	79172132DF	Okonkwo Amara    	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
529	79239860GG	Okoro Lawrencia  	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
530	79159394DB	Okoye Ijeoma    	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
531	79224284EA	Okoye Irene     	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
532	79257592CG	Okpara Chiamaka  	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
533	79206076FD	Okpo Ngozi      	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
534	79252343FJ	Omuzo Ifeoma     	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
535	79147172DB	Ononiwu Chiamaka	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
536	79233636BH	Ononogbo Adrian  	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
537	79186876DF	Onuegbu Lydia    	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
538	79232829BD	Onumaegbu Gift   	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
539	79200590CB	Onuoha Chinyere  	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
540	79203469BH	Onyebuenyi Onyinyechi  	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
541	79151637CC	Onyegili Ogonna  	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
542	79252802EA	Osike Ogechi    	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
543	79181918GI	Osuagwu Chinenye	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
544	79230294FC	Ozor Ifeoma	        GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
545	79204258HF	Sandy Kufre     	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
546	79233737AF	Temple Chigozirim	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
547	79255597JE	Ubanwa Gladys    	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
548	79248069HH	Udezeh Chinonso 	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
549	79132355FG	Udume Noeleen    	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
550	79221236GG	Ugochukwu Samuel	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
551	79240614DF	Ugoh Everistus   	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
552	79226753AF	Ugoh Ugochi      	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
553	79157871EB	Umenwagbo Chinyere	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
554	79173890JG	Vaahi Elizabeth  	GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING
555	79200267CA	Agbim Stella     	HEALTH EDUCATION
556	79189660CF	Ahaneku Cynthia   	HEALTH EDUCATION
557	79251994DJ	Ahaneku Vivian   	HEALTH EDUCATION
558	79201816CJ	Akanaefu Nkechinyere	HEALTH EDUCATION
559	79187014AJ	Anaba Prince    	HEALTH EDUCATION
560	79224059DG	Anyanwu Faustina	HEALTH EDUCATION
561	79224679BJ	Anyanwu Patrick  	HEALTH EDUCATION
562	79253325CD	Chimezie Onyinyechi	HEALTH EDUCATION
563	79227510GC	Chukwu Francis   	HEALTH EDUCATION
564	79256137CG	Dikemba Chika   	HEALTH EDUCATION
565	79243889AH	Dim Chidinma    	HEALTH EDUCATION
566	79217079CE	Egbula Janefrancis	HEALTH EDUCATION
567	79226953IE	Eguzo Ucheoma   	HEALTH EDUCATION
568	79260123JG	Egwuom Rebecca   	HEALTH EDUCATION
569	79144593AI	Eke Blessing    	HEALTH EDUCATION
570	79231437BI	Emeamara Chizoba	HEALTH EDUCATION
571	79252904CF	Ewunonu Kelechi  	HEALTH EDUCATION
572	79229208BC	Igwe Theresa     	HEALTH EDUCATION
573	79249320BA	Israel John     	HEALTH EDUCATION
574	79233210DE	Iwu Georgenia    	HEALTH EDUCATION
575	79256336BB	Luke Irobinso   	HEALTH EDUCATION
576	79245418HG	Maduwuba Kelechi	HEALTH EDUCATION
577	79140930DG	Michael Philomina	HEALTH EDUCATION
578	79112813JE	Nnatuanyam Chinazor	HEALTH EDUCATION
579	79178498EG	Nwafor Joseph   	HEALTH EDUCATION
580	79200714DH	Nwamaraihe Christiana	HEALTH EDUCATION
581	79185668HA	Nwanojuo Chioma 	HEALTH EDUCATION
582	79223786HJ	Obi Ugochi      	HEALTH EDUCATION
583	79233266GA	Obiagwu Vivian   	HEALTH EDUCATION
584	79227458CE	Ogunka Collet   	HEALTH EDUCATION
585	79226428BA	Okoro Victoria   	HEALTH EDUCATION
586	79127458AD	Okoroigwe Emmaculata	HEALTH EDUCATION
587	79259051BE	Okudo Christian  	HEALTH EDUCATION
588	79222251CI	Ononiwu Lilian  	HEALTH EDUCATION
589	79237714AF	Onwuzuruike Assumpta	HEALTH EDUCATION
590	79231402CG	Onyebuchi Nkechinyere	HEALTH EDUCATION
591	79195754HG	Onyeme Precious  	HEALTH EDUCATION
592	79249625GF	Opara Chizoba   	HEALTH EDUCATION
593	79224937CB	Sunday Happiness	HEALTH EDUCATION
594	79229489EC	Ugwu Angela     	HEALTH EDUCATION
595	79246823DC	Ukaegbu Lucy     	HEALTH EDUCATION
596	79207335FJ	Ukagha Chidiebere	HEALTH EDUCATION
597	79222725GB	Alakwem Cynthia  	EDUCATION AND HISTORY
598	79221345DA	Amaobi Ijeoma    	EDUCATION AND HISTORY
599	79248444BJ	Chukuigwe Chika 	EDUCATION AND HISTORY
600	79248253BA	Elezieanya Nkechi	EDUCATION AND HISTORY
601	79226686BC	Ibemere Blessing	EDUCATION AND HISTORY
602	79258664BB	Ibeto Doris      	EDUCATION AND HISTORY
603	79227453DJ	Madu Chinazor   	EDUCATION AND HISTORY
604	79232590FB	Ndukwu Nzubechi  	EDUCATION AND HISTORY
605	79208417BE	Nzeduba Ijeamaka	EDUCATION AND HISTORY
606	79133289GH	Okoro Amarachi  	EDUCATION AND HISTORY
607	79247453IC	Okoro Oluchukwu  	EDUCATION AND HISTORY
608	79257162FF	Onabe Benette   	EDUCATION AND HISTORY
609	79250603EB	Onyemauche Peace	EDUCATION AND HISTORY
610	79228322FB	Opara Pearl     	EDUCATION AND HISTORY
611	79219307DD	Samuel Olive     	EDUCATION AND HISTORY
612	79138846IA	Samuel Olive    	EDUCATION AND HISTORY
613	79202272BJ	Akoma Ifesinachi	HOME ECONOMICS AND EDUCATION
614	79163564DE	Aniobi Oluchi    	HOME ECONOMICS AND EDUCATION
615	79220958CH	Benjamin-ejesu Confidence	HOME ECONOMICS AND EDUCATION
616	79227518DI	Chibueze Ogechukwu	HOME ECONOMICS AND EDUCATION
617	79204086AJ	Emengaha` Anayochi	HOME ECONOMICS AND EDUCATION
618	79257830II	Emerole Oluchukwu	HOME ECONOMICS AND EDUCATION
619	79233504CF	Ikegwuonu Cynthia	HOME ECONOMICS AND EDUCATION
620	79237774BJ	Nkanang Inemesit	HOME ECONOMICS AND EDUCATION
621	79248564EH	Nwachukwu Vivian	HOME ECONOMICS AND EDUCATION
622	79247255JE	Obodo Ndidi      	HOME ECONOMICS AND EDUCATION
623	79255121GH	Ofoha Beauty    	HOME ECONOMICS AND EDUCATION
624	79240177IF	Ogbonna Esther   	HOME ECONOMICS AND EDUCATION
625	79246103FI	Onuoha Deborah   	HOME ECONOMICS AND EDUCATION
626	79231486GF	Uzosike Goodness	HOME ECONOMICS AND EDUCATION
627	79162766AD	Agigwo Onyedikachi	EDUCATION IGBO & LINGUISTICS
628	79223173HF	Akasike Chidera  	EDUCATION IGBO & LINGUISTICS
629	79207547AF	Anadi Marytherasa	EDUCATION IGBO & LINGUISTICS
630	79238050GE	Anyadioha Samuel	EDUCATION IGBO & LINGUISTICS
631	79233575AG	Azubogu Chinenye	EDUCATION IGBO & LINGUISTICS
632	79194235HE	Duru Chinwendu  	EDUCATION IGBO & LINGUISTICS
633	79233530EE	Duruji Judith   	EDUCATION IGBO & LINGUISTICS
634	79239636FJ	Egbule Udochi   	EDUCATION IGBO & LINGUISTICS
635	79232509AD	Ibeabuchi Rejoice	EDUCATION IGBO & LINGUISTICS
636	79196159CF	Idenyi Joy      	EDUCATION IGBO & LINGUISTICS
637	79247432EI	Ifeanyi Philip   	EDUCATION IGBO & LINGUISTICS
638	79218870ID	Igbidi Ego      	EDUCATION IGBO & LINGUISTICS
639	79227223FA	Ihemawu latuc Prisca	EDUCATION IGBO & LINGUISTICS
640	79207420JF	Ihuoma Anthony   	EDUCATION IGBO & LINGUISTICS
641	79188484GB	Iwunna Gift     	EDUCATION IGBO & LINGUISTICS
642	79255352FD	Kalu Chinenye    	EDUCATION IGBO & LINGUISTICS
643	79198402IG	Melete Peter     	EDUCATION IGBO & LINGUISTICS
644	79240428BB	Munaonye Chinonyerem	EDUCATION IGBO & LINGUISTICS
645	79227290ED	Ndudim Amarachi  	EDUCATION IGBO & LINGUISTICS
646	79203096GJ	Ndunaka Amarachi	EDUCATION IGBO & LINGUISTICS
647	79224470GE	Nnadozie Chioma  	EDUCATION IGBO & LINGUISTICS
648	79122338DH	Nwachukwu Onyekachi	EDUCATION IGBO & LINGUISTICS
649	79187002EF	Nwaogwugwu Uchenna	EDUCATION IGBO & LINGUISTICS
650	79258788CH	Obigwe Okwukwechukwu	EDUCATION IGBO & LINGUISTICS
651	79246477AD	Ogbennaya Marvellous	EDUCATION IGBO & LINGUISTICS
652	79204262GD	Ohaudgha Prisca 	EDUCATION IGBO & LINGUISTICS
653	79207533EH	Okechukwu Goodness	EDUCATION IGBO & LINGUISTICS
654	79207562FH	Onwusiribe Rita         EDUCATION IGBO & LINGUISTICS
655	79248432FF	Osim Immanuella	        EDUCATION IGBO & LINGUISTICS
656	79146930HI	Udefi Martha     	EDUCATION IGBO & LINGUISTICS
657	79221354AD	Ahamadu Yahaya   	EDU INTEGRATED SCIENCE
658	79233030IJ	Okere Mirian     	EDU INTEGRATED SCIENCE
659	79224450CH	Aguoru Grace    	EDUCATION MATHEMATICS
660	79244683FA	Ajaero Jovita   	EDUCATION MATHEMATICS
661	79247660ED	Anozie Chibuike 	EDUCATION MATHEMATICS
662	79233545JG	Chukwu Joseph    	EDUCATION MATHEMATICS
663	79227490CF	David Oluchi     	EDUCATION MATHEMATICS
664	79207570DD	Dike Ifeanyi     	EDUCATION MATHEMATICS
665	79239162CG	Ebowusim Chioma 	EDUCATION MATHEMATICS
666	79168029CF	Eze Peace       	EDUCATION MATHEMATICS
667	79140774BJ	Ngwuruakor Akudo	EDUCATION MATHEMATICS
668	79144010BB	Nwairo Uloma    	EDUCATION MATHEMATICS
669	79233417JC	Nwosu Kenneth    	EDUCATION MATHEMATICS
670	79205396FG	Okere Adrian    	EDUCATION MATHEMATICS
671	79252826GF	Okoro Promise   	EDUCATION MATHEMATICS
672	79224653JH	Okwuka Chidera   	EDUCATION MATHEMATICS
673	79232425GB	Opara Jacinta	        EDUCATION MATHEMATICS
674	79224498HH	Oriaku Precious  	EDUCATION MATHEMATICS
675	79244515GJ	Chukwuemeka Lucy	EDUCATION & MUSIC
676	79244425EI	Eboh Samuel     	EDUCATION & MUSIC
677	79167436FI	Gotom Nancwat    	EDUCATION & MUSIC
678	79218240DD	Opara John	        EDUCATION & MUSIC
679	79240411GC	Chikwe Richardson	EDUCATION & PHYSICS
680	79212009AF	Chikwe Richardson	EDUCATION & PHYSICS
681	79233499EA	Ikeri Tochukwu   	EDUCATION & PHYSICS
682	79223577CH	Iloka Sandra     	EDUCATION & PHYSICS
683	79258009DG	Nmekaoha Chinonso	EDUCATION & PHYSICS
684	79189052AG	Nnaji Uzochukwu  	EDUCATION & PHYSICS
685	79246083CB	Obi Chisom       	EDUCATION & PHYSICS
686	79237235IE	Ukeje Ijeoma     	EDUCATION & PHYSICS
687	79247848GB	Ukpeme-obong Peter	EDUCATION & PHYSICS
688	79258742GI	Uwakwe Faith     	EDUCATION & PHYSICS
689	79172887AB	Uzoagba Confidence	EDUCATION & PHYSICS
690	79187715EA	Amarachi Chigozie	EDUCATION P. E. R.
691	79257901GJ	Awugosi Chinyere	EDUCATION P. E. R.
692	79187098EI	Ejelonu Lovelyn  	EDUCATION P. E. R.
693	79197965DJ	Ejizu Chiamaka   	EDUCATION P. E. R.
694	79221231IB	Eke Wisdom      	EDUCATION P. E. R.
695	79247587GI	Opara Godwin      	EDUCATION P. E. R.
697	79227497AE	Ahumaraeze Precious	EDUCATION AND POLITICAL SCIENCE
698	79245974FH	Ajaegbu Elizabeth	EDUCATION AND POLITICAL SCIENCE
699	79235756FJ	Amam Chinyere    	EDUCATION AND POLITICAL SCIENCE
700	79231281AB	Amuchie Ogechi   	EDUCATION AND POLITICAL SCIENCE
701	79202487FD	Anuebunwa Rowland	EDUCATION AND POLITICAL SCIENCE
702	79234044FE	Anyanwu Jacinta  	EDUCATION AND POLITICAL SCIENCE
703	79221134IB	Arusiokwu Nwakamma	EDUCATION AND POLITICAL SCIENCE
704	79230345JD	Chinaemerem Opara	EDUCATION AND POLITICAL SCIENCE
705	79234404EB	Chinaka Kelechi  	EDUCATION AND POLITICAL SCIENCE
708	79186440IC	Ejiogu Vivian    	EDUCATION AND POLITICAL SCIENCE
710	79202107CJ	Esther Ogbonna   	EDUCATION AND POLITICAL SCIENCE
712	79233911GF	Ezekwueme Chekwebe	EDUCATION AND POLITICAL SCIENCE
713	79243531BE	Innocent Israel  	EDUCATION AND POLITICAL SCIENCE
715	79141073JC	Israel Esther    	EDUCATION AND POLITICAL SCIENCE
716	79227249GJ	John Alwell      	EDUCATION AND POLITICAL SCIENCE
718	79240113ID	Moses Uzormaka   	EDUCATION AND POLITICAL SCIENCE
720	79233955DA	Nlemadim Oluchi  	EDUCATION AND POLITICAL SCIENCE
721	79220509BG	Nwakuna Chinwendu	EDUCATION AND POLITICAL SCIENCE
722	79230617FD	Nwaneri Prosper  	EDUCATION AND POLITICAL SCIENCE
723	79244716EI	Nwaoku Joshua    	EDUCATION AND POLITICAL SCIENCE
724	79242869GA	Nwokeafor Cfhikodi	EDUCATION AND POLITICAL SCIENCE
725	79221035IH	Nwokoji Akudo    	EDUCATION AND POLITICAL SCIENCE
726	79228793JD	Nwosu Uba	        EDUCATION AND POLITICAL SCIENCE
728  	79233601CF	Obi Edel-queen   	EDUCATION AND POLITICAL SCIENCE
730	79242173BE	Odubugwo Amarachi	EDUCATION AND POLITICAL SCIENCE
732	79259590EG	Ohiri Queeneth   	EDUCATION AND POLITICAL SCIENCE
735	79169900DI	Onukaogu Vivian  	EDUCATION AND POLITICAL SCIENCE
738	79221204GF	Onyebo Rita      	EDUCATION AND POLITICAL SCIENCE
739	79226793HJ	Oparaiheoma Chidera	EDUCATION AND POLITICAL SCIENCE
740	79242034ED	Oparaocha Chinyere	EDUCATION AND POLITICAL SCIENCE
741	79189717EI	Osogho Esther    	EDUCATION AND POLITICAL SCIENCE
742	79188414HH	Osuji Emeka	        EDUCATION AND POLITICAL SCIENCE
746	79148915EA	Udenwe Chijioke   	EDUCATION AND POLITICAL SCIENCE
747	79245263FG	Ugochukwu Chidimma	EDUCATION AND POLITICAL SCIENCE
748	79230538JG	Ugochukwu Nderibe	EDUCATION AND POLITICAL SCIENCE
752	79230494DE	Ajaegbu George   	EDUCATION & RELIGIOUS STUDIES
753	79177711HJ	Amadi Adimchinobi	EDUCATION & RELIGIOUS STUDIES
754	79258747FD	Chima Anurika    	EDUCATION & RELIGIOUS STUDIES
755	79244654EA	Eze Evelyn      	EDUCATION & RELIGIOUS STUDIES
756	79196771DC	Ezekiel Kevin    	EDUCATION & RELIGIOUS STUDIES
757	79238193CD	Iheme Chinaza   	EDUCATION & RELIGIOUS STUDIES
758	79220930BE	Madu Izuchukwu   	EDUCATION & RELIGIOUS STUDIES
759	79230160GG	Mgboji Ephraim   	EDUCATION & RELIGIOUS STUDIES
760	79243057HI	Ngobidi Lilian   	EDUCATION & RELIGIOUS STUDIES
761	79231302DF	Obiajunwa Josephine	EDUCATION & RELIGIOUS STUDIES
762	79136081DD	Okeke Emmanuel  	EDUCATION & RELIGIOUS STUDIES
763	79177387IB	Okoye Ngozi     	EDUCATION & RELIGIOUS STUDIES
764	79181243FG	Opara Linda     	EDUCATION & RELIGIOUS STUDIES
765	79180025CE	Osuji Chidiebere	EDUCATION & RELIGIOUS STUDIES
766	79111763ED	Alaeze Stella   	EDUCATION AND SOCIAL STUDIES
767	79258447IA	Benethson Ngozi   	EDUCATION AND SOCIAL STUDIES
768	79255025GE	Dimaro Mien-ebibrakumor	EDUCATION AND SOCIAL STUDIES
769	79229439JF	Eno Joseph       	EDUCATION AND SOCIAL STUDIES
770	79220319AE	Enyite Goodluck  	EDUCATION AND SOCIAL STUDIES
771	79224851IF	Eshiogu Esther   	EDUCATION AND SOCIAL STUDIES
772	79202825AJ	Ikeji Rita       	EDUCATION AND SOCIAL STUDIES
773	79221337FE	Iroekwe Johnpaul	EDUCATION AND SOCIAL STUDIES
774	79207360IB	Iwuanyanwu Uloma	EDUCATION AND SOCIAL STUDIES
775	79221070HJ	Madu Margaret    	EDUCATION AND SOCIAL STUDIES
776	79258811FF	Mbagwu Pauline   	EDUCATION AND SOCIAL STUDIES
777	79231213BB	Nelson Nsisuk    	EDUCATION AND SOCIAL STUDIES
778	79111634EC	Nnachi Chidimma   	EDUCATION AND SOCIAL STUDIES
779	79213241JC	Nwachukwu Chinyere	EDUCATION AND SOCIAL STUDIES
780	79187216IC	Nwafor Stella   	EDUCATION AND SOCIAL STUDIES
781	79226724JC	Nwogu Imelda    	EDUCATION AND SOCIAL STUDIES
782	79191057AF	Nwoke Charity   	EDUCATION AND SOCIAL STUDIES
783	79176962JF	Nyako Yakubu    	EDUCATION AND SOCIAL STUDIES
784	79156992FJ	Obasi Grace     	EDUCATION AND SOCIAL STUDIES
785	79107519GI	Obi Maryann     	EDUCATION AND SOCIAL STUDIES
786	79247449JE	Ohagwam Joy	        EDUCATION AND SOCIAL STUDIES
787	79233961BC	okaforanyanwu Lilian	EDUCATION AND SOCIAL STUDIES
788	79243834HF	Okeke Vivian    	EDUCATION AND SOCIAL STUDIES
789	79258666AF	Okoro Cynthia    	EDUCATION AND SOCIAL STUDIES
790	79234020CJ	Okoroha Pearl    	EDUCATION AND SOCIAL STUDIES
791	79196079HB	Onunka Shine    	EDUCATION AND SOCIAL STUDIES
792	79208624HC	Onwukwe Charles  	EDUCATION AND SOCIAL STUDIES
793	79171582DG	Onyechere Amarachi	EDUCATION AND SOCIAL STUDIES
794	79202619EF	Onyenweaku Lilian	EDUCATION AND SOCIAL STUDIES
795	79248363GI	Opara Kingsley   	EDUCATION AND SOCIAL STUDIES
796	79221300GI	Opara Ulumma    	EDUCATION AND SOCIAL STUDIES
797	79195652JB	Owerekwe Doris   	EDUCATION AND SOCIAL STUDIES
798	79242689BI	Robertson Agomuonso	EDUCATION AND SOCIAL STUDIES
799	79180336GB	Udoh Mfonobong   	EDUCATION AND SOCIAL STUDIES
800	79245217JH	Uzoho Chinaecherem	EDUCATION AND SOCIAL STUDIES
801	79206608AJ	uzoigwe Charity   	EDUCATION AND SOCIAL STUDIES
802	79250562GH	Uzowuihe Doris  	EDUCATION AND SOCIAL STUDIES

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