On the 1st of June 2017, Alvan held Elections for Council member positions. Two members of the Academic Board won the seats to represent the College at Council gatherings.

The opening prayers were given by the Provost who prayed for unity irrespective of who emerged as the winners of the vote. The Deputy Provost then blessed the kola nuts and handed them over for distribution in line with Igbo tradition.

The election proper commenced with the Registrar presiding over affairs, the ballots were handed out by the Registrar to those accredited to vote. After this, the ballot box was presented and shown to all present so as to affirm that it was empty before the voting process. Then the candidates were presented and accredited by their Deans.

The candidates were:

  1. Dr Dan Anyanwu
  2. Dr Chris Obiukwu
  3. Dr Carol Obiefuna
  4. Dr Chibuike Nwachukwu
  5. Dr Stella Lemchi
  6. Dr Charles Ugwuegbulam

The candidates also called out their voting observers who would monitor the counting of the votes. The voting process commenced and 2 winners emerged.

The process then announced the winners and one of them (Deputy Provost) gave a vote of thanks on behalf of the winners. The pictures below depict the entire process.


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